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A better understanding of sex today. Today, research has established that happy people in happier relationships usually have sex between 10 to 14 times per week, while the average unhappy couple would have sex about one to 3 times per week.

This is mostly due to a number of factors including career commitments, work schedules, level of affection for each other, sexual interest, sexual capabilities, and types of sexual engagement between the partners.

A better understanding of sex today
A better understanding of sex today

Happier couples (who have sex between 10 to 14 times per week) are also found to be amongst individuals who indulges in modern-day sexual practices which reduces erotic bedroom boredom by making their sexual encounters with their partners more varied, resulting in a drastic increase in sexual contact daily. Hence the reason for them being sexually engaged as much as 10, 14 and 20 times each week.

But in other cases, where there is a simple lie on your back sex scenario, without any other complimentary sexual inducement, those couples are generally unhappy with a sex ratio of zero to 3 times per week.

A better understanding of sex today

The bottom line here is that if a woman in this day and age cannot entertain anal sex, oral sex, and erotic fetishes, it would be difficult for her to effectively satisfy her man, and keep him sexually interested in their relationship. Similarly, if a man does not embrace fetishes, satisfactory foreplay, and performing oral sex on his woman or doing some other form of equivalent satisfaction on her clitoris before he fucks her, he can certainly expect her to start looking for sexual satisfaction quietly outside of the relationship.

Sex today lacks the loyalty that it so deserve within relationships. Both women and men now sees it as their personal desire and individual interest to be satisfied sexually with whomever they feels comfortable with, whether they are already married to someone or not.

Today, people’s sexual desires and need to be satisfied seemingly supersedes morality, religion, relationship principles and ethics, simply because sexual satisfaction is very important to every man and woman, regardless of how rude, decent, naughty, honest, professional, laid back, beautiful, ugly, miserable or cool they may appear to be.

A better understanding of sex today

Every woman and every man have sexual needs, except for the fact that each woman would have her own sexual preferences; likewise a man would have his own sexual preferences when it comes to his bedroom mate.

A better understanding of sex today
A better understanding of sex today
A better understanding of sex today

So if you really want to be in tune with sex in its current form today, and keep your partner’s crotch satisfied, then it is time that we get down to business and bring our focus much closer to Better Sex, as we would discuss in the pages hereafter.

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