to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer

to live long avoid doctors or want to live longer. today’s society has a strong but misplaced belief that modern medicine will cure almost everything that ails anyone. Many people think a permanent cure for all types of cancer is only one engineered gene away.

to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer

Our modern society expects instant gratification and we believe that having a
few pills prescribed by a doctor will make everything better in a day or two.
Rosario Schielzeth lived to the age of 104. As is customary on every birthday
of a centenarian, Rosario was asked what she attributed her long life to.

She had two short answers to that question:
1. Watch what you eat.
2. Stay away from doctors.

This was not a member of a hidden jungle tribe that had never been exposed
to modern medicine. Rosario was from Florida. She enjoyed good eyesight, good hearing, and mobility, though she did use a walker to get around. Until her final day, she continued going to the movies, to the mall, and to the beach for ice cream. Another amazing thing about Ms. Schielzeth is that she was the roundthe-clock caretaker for her 87-year-old daughter, an Alzheimer’s patient.

Medical Disclaimer
I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. So I am not qualified to give anyone medical advice. I am simply sharing the knowledge that I have acquired through extensive research about the best ways to remain healthy, live a robust life into old age, and maintain the sexual health that so many men lose as they age.

Before embracing any of the suggestions you read in this book, it is vitally
important that you consult with your doctor or health care provider.

I strongly recommend that, after reading this book, you have an open and
completely honest conversation with your doctor about how you may or may not want to change your current treatments. If you are not satisfied with your
doctor’s advice after that conversation, you could consult with another doctor.

But under no circumstances should you alter your treatment without the
agreement and on-going care of a doctor knowledgeable about you and your

to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer

Death by Drugs
Death by medicine is a 21st-century epidemic, when you consider that
prescription drugs are now killing far more people than illegal drugs, it is clear that America’s “war on drugs” is directed at the wrong enemy.
The most commonly abused prescription drugs are OxyContin, Vicodin,
Xanax, and Soma, and they now cause more deaths than heroin and cocaine
combined. In fact, prescription drugs are now the preferred “high” for many,
especially teens, as they are typically used legally, which eliminates the stigma of being labeled a junkie.

But, in fact, these prescription drugs are now the drugs of choice among the
addict crowd, and they are highly profitable on the black market. However,
many over-the-counter drugs that are not opiates are just as dangerous to your health and ultimately to your life.

These are the modern “miracle“ drugs that are used to treat a myriad of
diseases that are presumed to be life threatening such as diabetes, high blood
pressure, prostate concerns, heart disease, a wide variety of cancers, and many other diseases that may or may not even exist.

Ask yourself this question: Why is that that every month or so the
pharmaceutical companies come out with a new drug to cure a disease or health condition that nobody had heard of until the new drug is unveiled? Could it be there is no such disease but that Big Pharma needs to create a new market for a new concoction?

Americans Are Drug Crazed
According to an article in Mail Online: “Americans consume 80% of the world’s supply of painkillers — more than 110 tons of pure, addictive opiates every year — as the country’s prescription drug abuse epidemic explodes. That’s enough drugs to give every single American 64 Percocets or Vicodin. And pain pill prescriptions continue to surge, up 600 % in 10 years, thanks to doctors who are more and more willing to hand out drugs to patients who are suffering.”

Conflicts of Interest Encourage Some Drugs
This is but one small example. Under Florida’s 2012 PIP (personal injury
protection) reform law, Floridians will no longer be able to seek massage
therapy or acupuncture treatments after a car accident, as these services will no longer be covered under Florida PIP insurance. The primary treatment option left for those who suffer from pain as a result of a car accident is — you guessed it — pain killers! This is despite the fact that the most common injury caused by auto accidents is soft tissue damage, which is ideally treated through massage, not pain killers that can potentially compound your misery with addiction and liver damage.

Avoiding Doctors
The best strategy for achieving health is avoiding a visit to your doctor in the
first place. Why? Because in many cases you will simply leave the doctor’s
office with a prescription or two which probably won’t even solve your health problem. Most doctor visits result in “solutions” that only suppress your symptoms, while causing other side effects and problems.

to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer

Rather than advising patients about the true underlying conditions and real
solutions that can lead to better health, doctors often resort to toxic Band-Aid
solutions. There are actually many reasons why avoiding your doctor may be in the best interest of your health.

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