to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 2

You are reading to live long avoid doctors or want to live longer — part 2.

to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 2
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 2


Many doctors are unaware that a high-fat diet is NOT the cause of heart disease. They have been fooled into believing that total cholesterol is an accurate predictor of heart health. If you visit your physician and you have high cholesterol, you’re likely to be told two things:

1. Take a statin cholesterol-lowering drug, and
2. Don’t eat saturated fats.

While statin drugs do lower cholesterol very effectively, cholesterol is not
the culprit in heart disease. A report by the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology concluded that no study has ever proven that statins increase
your life expectancy. In fact, taking statins does not prolong your life at all.
Instead of improving your life, they actually contribute to deterioration in the
quality of your life by destroying muscles, endangering your liver and kidneys, and even compromising heart function.

The best ways to optimize your cholesterol levels and your heart health
involve diet and lifestyle choices including eating healthy minimally-processed fats and avoiding highly-processed vegetable fats and oils that are loaded with toxic omega-6 fatty acids.


People often leave a doctor’s or psychiatrist’s office with a prescription that causes more health problems than it solves. In a typical year, 230 million prescriptions are written for antidepressants. Many studies have been conducted on this. Overwhelmingly, independent studies (not involving
pharmaceutical companies) show about 50% of patients receiving antidepressant medications show improvement while 30% of those receiving a placebo also show improvement. One important question to ask is: How many of those receiving the antidepressant medications are experiencing the same cause for improvement as those taking a placebo?

Still, one out of every 20 patients reports that they remain depressed. Of
these, 80% report some level of functional impairment at work, in daily living, and in getting along with other people.

to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 2
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 2
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 2

With these drugs so extensively prescribed, why are so many people still
feeling low? The psychiatric industry brings in an estimated $330 billion
annually. That’s a mighty good income for an industry that offers little in the
way of actual cures.

Research confirms that such medications are no more effective than sugar
pills. Some medical professionals now think this is due to a placebo effect where receiving either pill suggests to the patient that a cure is at hand — miraculously, the patient cures him or herself! In fact, due to harmful side effects, the real pills are dangerous while the sugar pills are not.

The side effects of potent antidepressant drugs can be deadly. Each year
approximately 750,000 Americans attempt suicide and 30,000 succeed. There is no solid proof that taking these drugs relieves any symptoms, but they may increase the chance that people will try to kill themselves.

Better choices include natural remedies such as exercise, Emotional Freedom
Technique, vitamin D, and proper nutrition. None of these contribute to the
balance sheets of pharmaceutical companies or doctors. Therefore, they are
mostly ignored by mainstream medicine.

High blood pressure

In 2003, the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure (an organization rife with drug industry conflicts of interest) decided that what were previously considered relatively low blood pressure readings suddenly constituted a risk for heart disease.

Further lowering the threshold to 140/90 enabled the drug companies to peddle high blood pressure medicine (loaded with side effects) to an additional 45 million Americans.

But that only fueled the discussion within the research community, many of
whom argue that lowering the lower threshold has exposed more people to
dangerous side effects without reliable proof of health benefits. In 2014, the
Eighth Joint National Committee (JNC8) said that adults aged 60 or older should only take blood pressure medication if their blood pressure exceeds 150/90, a higher bar of treatment than the 2003 guideline of 140/90.

The JNC8 recommendations were based on clinical trials that proved that
stricter guidelines and tighter blood pressure control provided no additional
benefit to patients.

The JNC8 recommendation is that people with borderline high blood
pressure (stoic pressure between 140 and 149) resort to more natural
control remedies such as implementing a healthy nutrition plan, exercising, and using effective stress reduction techniques that will normalize blood pressure for most people.

PSA Test for Prostate Cancer is Worthless
The prostate-specific antigen test (PSA test) is unreliable at best and often leads to unnecessary treatments that can cause complications and undermine health. A positive PSA reading is interpreted as indicating cancer but can actually be caused by an enlarged or infected prostate. The suspicion of cancer leads to a biopsy and that can cause a serious or even deadly infection.
The PSA test has little or no effect on mortality outcomes and is NOT

Prostate cancers are unusual cancers. Most prostate cancers grow very
slowly without causing any noticeable symptoms or problems.

These cancers include:
Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of prostate cancer. Over
95% of prostate cancers are this type. Adenocarcinoma is slow-
growing and, though it often remains organ-contained, it does have
the potential to spread to other parts of the body such as the lymph
nodes, bones, and other organs.

Small cell carcinoma is a rare aggressive prostate cancer that initially forms in specialized cells within the prostate. This form of prostate cancer usually doesn’t affect the PSA level and is difficult to diagnose.

There are other very rare forms of prostate cancer that are also difficult to diagnose. Prostate cancer is unusual among cancers because many tumors never spread from the prostate. Even if it does spread, prostate cancer is often easy to treat and men go on to live in good health for many years. Indications that it is spreading include pain, fatigue, and other symptoms.

to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 2
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 2
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 2

Many experts agree that PSA testing is unreliable at best and useless at worst
for accurately diagnosing prostate cancer. It is also widely recognized that
routine PSA blood tests often lead to over-diagnosis of prostate cancer resulting in unnecessary treatments.

Like mammograms, the PSA screen has become little more than an upselling technique. The false positive rate is high, and the bulk of the harm results
from subsequent unnecessary treatments. But it is a money maker for doctors
and Big Pharma!

You can improve your chances of avoiding prostate cancer by including
plenty of certain vegetables and some animal proteins in your diet and
minimizing your use of tobacco. However, it is even more important to avoid
internal inflammation and estrogens.

You don’t need to limit carbohydrates such as sugar/fructose.
However, highly processed or charcoaled meats, whole grains (yes, whole
grains), synthetic trans-fats and especially PUFA fats are associated with an
increased risk for prostate cancer and should be avoided.

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