to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 3

You are reading to live long avoid doctors or want to live longer — part 3.

to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 3
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 3

Dietary Recommendations Have Changed
Most doctors are clueless about what constitutes a healthy diet. They recommend such health disasters as artificial sweeteners instead of natural sugars, vegetable oils in lieu of butter, and fat-free pasteurized dairy products. Most will also neglect to tell you about the foods you should be eating more of to optimize your health, including fermented vegetables, raw dairy products from grass-fed cattle, healthy fats like saturated and animal-based omega-3s, grass-fed beef, and more.

Quite honestly, I don’t recommend the advice in the report published jointly
every five years (most recently 2015) by the US Department of Health and
Human Services (HHS) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). This
report is supposed to provide the public with nutritional and dietary information and guidelines, but it’s fraught with political agendas and puts too much reliance on studies that are outdated. Yet, this is the report that’s most relied on by major organizations such as the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, federal school lunch programs, and many others.

Because nutritionists are on the forefront of all of the latest nutrition
knowledge, they’re constantly updating their own diets based on the most current research. Rather than putting blind faith in doctors, you can learn a lot more by talking to these experts about how their daily diets have changed over the past five years as they monitor emerging science.

Elisa Zied, MS, RDN, CDN tells us: “Although I don’t subscribe to fasting or
suggest going more than three or four waking hours without food, my diet has evolved into one in which I consume most of my calories during the day.

I always start my morning with one large or two small breakfasts, and I almost always have a big lunch. And instead of a traditional dinner, I’ll choose one or two small snacks. I find that I feel more energized when I eat this way and it also allows me to fit in more food groups and maintain a healthy weight.”

Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN says: “Over the past five years, I’ve focused a lot on eating more whole foods and less processed ones. Processed foods, which are those that have been altered so they’re no longer in their most natural state, usually contain a ton of additives, blood-sugar spiking sugar, and chemicals that don’t offer many advantages for your health.”

Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN goes on to say: “Recently, full-fat dairy has come
back into my diet. Not only does it taste much better than reduced-fat
alternatives, but it keeps me far more satisfied and helps with vitamin D

Alissa Rumsey, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,
has also changed her diet to include more healthy fats: “Five years ago, I was
using skim milk in my coffee, eating 0% fat yogurts, and choosing low-fat
cottage cheese. Now I use whole milk in my coffee and choose 2% or 4% Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.”

to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 3
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 3
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 3

Registered dietitians Lauren Slayton and Torey Armul are also on board with
the full-fat trend, incorporating things like olive oil, avocado, fish, butter, ghee, and coconut oil into their daily diets. “Fat is the only macronutrient that doesn’t raise your blood sugar. In a typical day I’ll have a good fat at every meal,“ Slayton tells us.

While I don’t completely agree with every recommendation these dietitians
make, I do think they are much more forward-thinking than the doctors who
haven’t reviewed dietary recommendations since their first year of pre-med.

Is Your Doctor Telling the Truth?
Most Americans (79% according to a survey) implicitly trust their doctors.
However, a survey of 1,900 physicians revealed that not all doctors are always completely honest with patients.

The results of that study showed that:
One-third of physicians did not completely agree with disclosing serious medical errors to patients.

One-fifth did not completely agree that physicians should never tell a
patient something untrue.

Amazingly, 40% believed that they should hide their financial
relationships with drug and device companies from their patients.
10% said they had told patients something untrue in the previous

Medical Disclaimer #2
It’s your health we’re talking about here, and without your health you have
nothing. I would never try to dissuade you from consulting with a doctor before making potentially life-changing decisions. Hopefully, you have chosen a health care provider whose expertise you can trust and whose philosophies about health are similar to your own. However, if you have been following their advice for a while and are not experiencing the results that you desire or were told you to expect, you may want to consider another opinion.

It’s important to ask questions before opting for tests, procedures, or
treatments, and it’s your decision if you’d rather opt for less medical intervention while choosing a more natural way of healing your body.
Ultimately, the more you take responsibility for your own health (in the form
of nurturing your body to prevent disease), and the less you rely on the “disease care” that passes for health care, the better.

If you carefully abide by some basic health principles — simple things like exercising, eating whole foods, sleeping enough, getting sun exposure, reducing stress in your life, and nurturing personal relationships — you will drastically reduce your need for conventional medical care. And this, in and of itself, will reduce your chances of suffering negative side effects.

to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 3
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 3
to live long avoid doctors | want to live longer — part 3

In the event you do need medical care, seek a health care practitioner who
will help you move toward complete wellness by helping you discover and
understand the hidden causes of your health challenges. Instead of following a one-size-fits-all health plan, you need to create a customized, comprehensive, and holistic treatment plan for you.

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