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What is normal sexual behavior? Much of what we understand about normal sexual function is based on the work of Masters and Johnson, who are credited with characterizing the physiologic changes that comprise the sexual response. Normative, or normal, sexual behavior is difficult to define because each unique individual ultimately describes his or her own level of sexual functioning.

What is normal sexual behavior
What is normal sexual behavior

For example, many couples enjoy twice-weekly sex; others are once-a-weekers. Both may be equally satisfying. On average, most couples have sexual intercourse two to three times a week, but these numbers are definitely affected by a variety of factors such as stress, children, financial pressures, illness, and marital conflicts.

What is normal sexual behavior

According to a 2003 cover story in Newsweek magazine, sexless marriages are on the rise, and it is estimated that 10–15% of couples have sex no more than 10 times per year. It can be difficult to decide what is in fact normal for you as an individual because we are constantly bombarded with sexually voracious Sex and the City personalities, Renaissance nudes of ideal nakedness, and movies that depict sex and sensual couples constantly engaged in satisfying sexual activity.

In fact, in a 2004 article in the Journal of Sex Research, a Canadian study states that 1% of adults are asexual or utterly uninterested in sexual activity. It is also important to understand that normative values of sexual function are defined by the society and culture in which you live. Some traditional cultures are sexually open and expression is permitted, whereas other cultures do not advocate an open expression of sexuality.

Whether you have sex once a week, twice weekly, monthly, or once a year, you and your partner should define normal sexual intimacy as a couple. Deciding on your normative level of sexual interest and activity is an individual journey and often a challenge.

What is normal sexual behavior
What is normal sexual behavior
What is normal sexual behavior

Raye comments:
Normal sexual behavior is hard to define; it is different for everybody. How do you define normal? There are many contributing factors, such as one’s upbringing, religion, sexual preferences, ethnicity, culture, and morals. I think everyone has their own definition of what is normal sexual behavior. What I might find normal someone else might find is taboo! What is good for one is
bad for another.

I also learned that treatment is like ingredients: the healthcare provider can provide a lot of suggestions, and then suggest a recipe, which is perfect for me. I appreciated the individualized approach.

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