What Is Sexual Fitness Means | adult skills

What Is Sexual Fitness Means, Here are a few statements defining exactly what sexual fitness is:

Sexual Fitness is about optimizing sexual passion, pleasure, and performance on the physiological level. In Sexual Fitness, we focus on practical and concrete steps you can take to ensure that your body is at its physiological peak. Part of this involves adopting a positive attitude toward your sexuality. Sexual Fitness concentrates on improving, through completely natural methods, the way your body functions.

What Is Sexual Fitness Means — adult skills
What Is Sexual Fitness Means — adult skills

Sexual Fitness is a natural, noninvasive approach to sexual health and wellness. As complementary health care — the notion of preventing disease processes rather than simply treating symptoms — and the use of alternative medicine sweep the nation, people are seeking to maintain good health and avoid illnesses in the first place. Ongoing research suggests that we can enhance our general health by becoming physically fit: eating nutritious foods, taking supplements, avoiding substance abuse, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, and reducing stress.

What Is Sexual Fitness Means | adult skills

Sexual Fitness is for healthy people as well as for those with sexual concerns. Following the Sexual Fitness Program is like going to the gym — everyone goes to get more fit, whether they have a specific medical concern, are working toward a particular fitness goal, or simply want to look and feel better. When someone says “I’m going to the gym,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is out of shape.

Similarly, you can have different reasons for becoming sexually fit, such as overcoming sexual dysfunction, enhancing your pleasure and desire, or simply getting in better shape overall. Achieving sexual fitness is not about meeting someone else’s standards or expectations. It’s a simple matter of setting your own goals and improving where you are relative to yourself.

Sexual Fitness is for you. It’s for men and women of all ages, people who are healthy and those with sexual concerns. There are numerous reasons why you might be interested in this book: You may want to enhance the quality of your sexual experience; revitalize a flagging sexual relationship with your partner; overcome a specific sexual problem such as erectile dysfunction; or be empowered to lead a healthier, more vibrant life.

What Is Sexual Fitness Means | adult skills

When you lead a busy, stressful life, as many of us do, it’s common to feel that you have little time or energy for sex.When you are under pressure, your body goes into “fight or flight” mode, just as it would were you running from a tiger or jumping out of a plane. From an evolutionary standpoint, when your life is being threatened — when you are panicking and your body is telling itself just to survive — sex becomes the least important function on the priority list. So sex hormonelevels drop, your blood vessels constrict, and interest in sex disappears.

Because we have retained this basic evolutionary instinct, when life gets tough, sex is the first thing to go. When this is the case, as it often is, you need skills and knowledge to help get your body in optimal condition for sexual activity, so that you can make sex a priority again.

Alternatively, you may feel bored with your sex life. It’s always the same old grind, and sex is not something that you look forward to anymore.You need motivation — specific goals to work toward that will improve your overall health and wellness, your outlook on life, as well as your interest in sex.

Another possibility is that you feel you could improve your sexual performance. Perhaps you have erectile difficulties, loss of libido, or other specific sexual issues that you’d like to overcome. If you feel this way, you’re
not alone. A surprising number of people — 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men in the United States alone — experience some form of sexual dysfunction. You need strategies that can help your body, on a physiological level, to function better.

What Is Sexual Fitness Means | adult skills

Whether you are in perfect condition or feel that your sex life could be much improved, Sexual Fitness can help. Your body needs certain nutrients, energy, and stimulation in order to perform well. An athlete wouldn’t compete in a race without training, going on a diet specifically designed for peak performance, stretching, and preparing his or her body. So why do we expect that our bodies will always be perfectly tuned for sex? Instead, we might consider thinking about sex as if we were all “sexual athletes.”

Sexual athletes consume a diet that gives their bodies the nutrients they need, avoid smoking and other damaging habits, stimulate their senses, exercise, get plenty of rest, and take time out of their busy lives to relax. In other words, sexual athletes train to become sexually fit just as regular athletes train to become physically fit.

What Is Sexual Fitness Means — adult skills
What Is Sexual Fitness Means — adult skills
What Is Sexual Fitness Means — adult-skills

Many people assume that, over time, sex will become dull, their
libidos will slowly drain away, and their bodies won’t perform as well
as they used to.They accept these events, along with wrinkles and gray
hair, as facts of life. What they don’t realize is that they have a choice.
If they wish, they can take control of their sex lives. And so can you.

Sexual Fitness explains how, by influencing your neurotransmitter and
hormone levels and improving your cardiovascular as well as your overall health, you can put your body to work for you. Sexual vitality is within your reach. You can create your own reality — one in which sex drive, sensual pleasure, passion, and physiological function all remain at your maximum potential throughout your life. You can make it happen .

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